Birth certificate


We Produce both real and fake birth certificates. For the real document, we shall register all the holder’s information into the supposed database system and the holder will legally use the document without any problems. And for the fake document, we shall produce and just a replica of the real document but we shall NOT register any of the holder’s information into the supposed database system. So if the document is checked in any data checking machine, none of the holder’s information is registered in the system. The client just have use the documents for camouflage purpose only. This particular template of a birth certificate can be given to a mother or parents of a newborn baby by the medical personnel of the hospital where the baby was born. It cannot be regarded as a legal document and is designed for private family use. Our birth certificate are 100% custom made and designed from a hospital issued certificate of birth. All replicas are created from original templates that we stock, and each one has been replicated and then personalized with a father’s and mother’s name, date of birth and the name of hospital.